Barbecue Box for 4 to 6 People

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Suggested For 4-6 People


Baby back Rib (2of)

Sweet tender pork ribs, dry rubbed with our Red Rock seasoning,smoked for 4 hours over Hickory wood and Mopped with a light Barbecue sauce.

St Louis Pork Belly

Pork belly pit smoked for 4 hours over Hickory wood. Mopped lightly with our North Carolina barbeque sauce.

Texas Brisket (250gr)

We apply a light seasoning rub to our Irish beef then cook it over wood for 14 hours making it tender and juicy.

North Carolina Pulled Pork (250gr)

The best of Irish pork is one of our house favourites, cooked for 8 hours, pulled with a drizzle of Memphis barbeque sauce.

Pit Beans

Straight from deep south America these Beans always surprise people. Made from pinto beans which we soak over night then cook

With our house barbecue sauce over smoke to give it a sweet smoky flavour.

Corn on the Cobb (2of)

Char grilled over coals , rubbed in a little butter with a sprinkling of sea salt.

Slaw (32oz)

American red coleslaw with a sweet Asian dressing .

Brioche Slider Buns

12 small slider buns perfect for bite size

Taster set of Sauces

A sample of each of our 3 sauces in 120ml bottles.